Pricing Example Page...

Not a real pricing for us here, but we can use your competitive prices in these blocks


Description of your free services...

  • 1 Wibble
  • 5 Wibble wibbles
  • 55 Wibble, wibble wibbles
  • 5000 Mini wibbles


Description of your premium services...

  • 500 Wibble
  • 50 Wibble wibbles
  • 125 Wibble, wibble wibbles
  • 15.000 Medi-Wibbles


Description of your Wizzy service ...

  • 1000 Wibbles
  • 100 Wibble wibbles
  • 550 Wibble, wibble wibbles
  • 50.000 Super Wibbles

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a Thing #1 ?

Yes, you can do that thing number one!

Is there any discount ...

Yes, we offer a 10% discount ...

Which payment methods do you take?

WooCommerce comes bundled with PayPal (for accepting credit card and PayPal account payments), BACS, and cash on delivery for accepting payments.

Any other questions we can answer?

We are happy to help you. Contact us.