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Here is an example of what we can do with a WordPress site.  You’ll have an admin login and choose to do whatever you like with your site:

  • Change themes ( there are 3000+ of ’em)
  • Write a blog (like this one)
  • Add a main front page if a blog isn’t your main thang
  • Include a contact us panel and/or a subscribe panel
  • Add as many pages as you like with them all on menus at the top.  Or the side, or the bottom, or all.
  • Mobile/Desktop/Tablet friendly – most WordPress themes are this ‘responsive’, ie look good on any device
  • Add your Social Media links all over the place
  • Get instant assistance with SEO – make your site appear on Google/Bing/Yahoo when someone/anyone searches for Your Thang
  • Many more – google WordPress to find out!

We’ve added some cool features to this example site to show you what is possible, have a look around and click some links…



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